Simone Peters

Simone Peters is an elementary teacher and child & youth worker of Caribbean descent. In 2017, she graduated from Teachers’ College with a specialization in social justice education. Her areas of focus are in math and language, where she has worked at Inner City schools including Rose Avenue PS, Africentric Alternative PS, and Lord Dufferin PS to name a few. Simone’s passion for teaching and commitment to supporting Black student success comes from her personal experiences navigating Toronto’s education system. She believes in applying a transformative justice lens to education, ensuring that classrooms are safe, supportive and equitable. She is excited to continue her teaching journey with the Freedom School because it aligns with her core beliefs and commitment to academic excellence and success for all students. As a recent graduate from York University’s Faculty of Education, she has become well acquainted with the implementation of diversity through cultural competence, equity and inclusion models found within Ontario schools. Simone is confident that her abilities as an educator, will make her a valuable asset to your child this summer.

Adna Ahmed

My name is Ms. Ahmed and I am very excited to be teaching Grade 1 at FreedomSchool this summer! I am eager to get to know your child, but first I will tell you a little bit about myself. 

I received a Bachelor’s degree in communication studies and international development studies from York University and most recently, I received my Bachelor of Education from Tyndale University. I am a lifelong learner and an avid traveler and I hope to bring this experience to your child’s class this summer! Part of my teaching philosophy is the importance of community when it comes to the education of a child. I would like my classroom to be an open learning environment and space where students feel safe, respected and represented. I am thrilled to be apart of the FreedomSchool team and I am looking forward to a month of learning, fun, and adventure!

David Chrichton

David has been an elementary principal for over 20 years in Toronto’s downtown core. He has worked in inner city schools, advocating for communities which historically have been under serviced. Rose Avenue is a large elementary school located in St James Town, the most densely populated neighbourhood in Canada. Rose Avenue is a neighbourhood of new Canadians, living in 22 high-rise buildings; where the school is viewed as the heart of the community. Under his leadership, Rose was recognized as the first public school in Canada to join Ashoka, with a focus on empathy, wellness and change-making. He presently is co-leading an extensive project focussed on Anti Black racism, Black Affirmative curriculum and Transformative justice at Rose Ave PS; engaging students, teachers and parents in this process. David is thrilled to be part of the team leading Freedom School at Rose this summer.

Nauoda Robinson

Nauoda serves our people by focusing on providing emotional support for Black children in and out of care, families and community. Learning through active play & daily activities, with a variety of learning styles are incorporated to help with a child’s social skills and confidence, while bridging the gap between Black diasporic generations.

LeRoi Newbold

LeRoi Newbold is currently pursuing his masters at York University in Black affirmative education, and has designed Afrocentric/Black focused curriculum and taught at the Africentric Alternative School for the past 10 years. LeRoi has worked with children and youth for the past 18 years as a teacher, early childhood educator, youth facilitator and arts facilitator.