FREEDOMSCHOOL – Toronto is a youth and parent driven initiative that intervenes to fight against anti-Black racism in the school system and to creative educational alternatives for Black children.  We run a three week program for children aged four to twelve, a Saturday school program, curriculum fairs, students conference, and training programs to engage youth in Black liberatory education. We also do research on Black liberatory education and participate in campaigns to create systemic change.

Upcoming Events

Register for virtual comic book club for winter 2022:

Register for our 2022 comic book club:
Find more information about the comic book club in our Year Round Programming Section.

Register for the winter 2022 FreedomSchool Spelling Bee Club in Honour of JodyAnn Maxwell and Zala Avant Garde!  This club will happen virtually due to ongoing concerns associated with COVID19. Register here!  

This program for Black children aged 6-12 will focus on strengthening spelling skills through phonics, syllabification, word origin knowledge and kinesthetic learning (skipping and dribbling).  After 4 monthly sessions, this club will conclude with a Black Liberation Spelling Bell online where children will compete for trophies and “Black Genius” prize T-shirts.