Lesson Sample from Freedom School 2020 Youth Program


12:00 Zoom features and zoom link:

  • Zoom link, ID and password
  • How do I turn my mic on and off?
  • How do I chat/send messages?  
  • Keep your DMs focused on program content
  • Can people in my family join the zoom call?
  • Can I cook for people in my household or facility?

12:10 Icebreakers and Introductions:

  • What’s your name?  What is your  gender pronoun (example: he/she/him/her/they)
  • What is something you eat that reminds you of home or family?  
  • What’s something you’d love to learn to cook? 
  • Who are the facilitators?

12:30 Social Justice expectations and community agreements:

Dish with one spoon: Take only what you need, share with others, keep the dish clean

Youth come up with the community agreements

12:45 Sharing Food and Cleaning up the kitchen:

  • Be careful about food allergies when sharing food
  • Following the food sharing guides in your facility
  • For cleaning: Wash, dry and put away all dishes, pots, pans etc.  Put away all ingredients and items.  Put away your food once you’re done eating. 

1:00 Jerk Chicken Dinner with rice and peas/ plantain:

Jamaica country motto: “Out of many, one people.”
What does this mean?  Which people came together in Jamaica and why?

How do you think jerk chicken started to be a thing?

The maroons fled enslavement by the Spanish and linked up with the Taino in the mountains where they shared knowledge with each other about cooking pits and seasoning.

1:30 Posh’s Recipe for Jerk Chicken 

3:30 Checking Out

What is something new you learned today?  (Ex: The Maroons)