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#BlackKidsMatter Puzzle

Artwork by Amber Williams-King

15 piece puzzle ~ ages 3+
63 piece puzzle ~ ages 8+

Number of pieces

Freedom School’s 2016/2017 Workbook

Written by LeRoi Newbold
Illustrated by Janine Carrington

 The 2016/2017 workbook will be printed out back to back and published by Peak Magazine. Our Freedom School work book has 100 pages of Black liberation history and activities for children. Children can learn about the Brotherhood of the Sleeping Train Car Porters, Nanny Maroon, Oromo Reistance, disabilities justice, and so much more!

Orders will be mailed out as they come in.

Free Resources

Aiyiti by BlackLivesMatter – Toronto Freedom School and Amber Williams-King

This beautiful short animation developed for children explores the history of resistance of Black people in Aiyiti (Haiti).

#BlackLivesMatter – Toronto Freedom School 360 Video Game

This 360 video by #BlackLivesMatter – Toronto and Alex McLoed is an interactive way for children to learn about the #BlackLivesMatter movement across different chapters including: Toronto, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis. Children can scroll 360 degrees around their environment, check out videos and learn about BLM Actions

Ubuntu Learning Village

Oromo Resistance by BlackLivesMatter – Toronto Freedom School, Thirza Cutland and Galme Mumed

This short children’s animation explores the resistance of Oromo peoples in Ethiopia.

Oakland Community School Audio Tape by BLMTO Freedom School

English version:

Spanish version:

Africville by Rahul Olou in collaboration with Freedom School

A heartwarming kids documentary about family, community and resistance in Africville, Nova Scotia.