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For the past 400 years, African/Caribbean/Black people and communities in Canada have demonstrated brilliance, resilience, innovation, joy, strength, and power.  In 2022, it is time for Ontario to develop a curriculum that embraces truth, a multitude of Intersectional Black identities, Black excellence, and transformation.  It is time for the Ontario Curriculum to recognize Black parents and families as a site of strength and grounding safety, and for the stories of ACB people in Canada to be told in classrooms.  

The violent erasure of Black communities through Ontario’s education system as well as the anti-Black racism and bias of the system is well documented by Black scholars, community elders, students and youth, Black parents, and by the government itself.  The impact of anti-Black racism on Black students is evident and the barriers that have been erected are catastrophic as Black students have been impacted by disengaging and Eurocentric curriculum, low teacher expectation, streaming, criminalization and bias.  

Black families are far from giving up hope.  We know the brilliance of our students and what they can achieve – evidenced by their success in classrooms and spaces where their identities are embraced and affirmed.  It is no longer acceptable for teachers to choose (with very little Institutional guidance) whether or not to include our children.  A mandatory Black curriculum is crucial not only for our ACB communities and students, but for all students in Ontario interested in truth and freedom.  During this time of change – we call on you as our communities come together to demand a MANDATORY BLACK CURRICULUM IN ONTARIO!