Workshops for Parents in Schools

3 Part Series on How to Talk to Your Kids About Race and Racism

Anti-Black Racism in Canada

This virtual workshop provides foundational knowledge for understanding anti-Black racism in Canada including key terminology, ideological framework, and historical information. The workshop focuses on debunking the myth of the great free north, understanding Canada’s legacies of colonialism and enslavement, and understanding the ways in which anti-Black racism manifests today. Participants will consolidate their knowledge using a transformative Jeopardy game/bingo card.

How To Talk to Your Kids About Racism

This workshops moves from theory into a practice for sharing tools with children on how to recognise, challenge, and resist anti-Black racism. Facilitators will provide tips and resources for how to present information and analysis to children in a way that is age appropriate, safe, empowering, and engaging. The group will discuss how children and families can engage in self-love and transformative allied actions and will plan mini lessons for their families in breakout groups. 

Anti-Black Racism in Ontario’s School System – Reacting as a School Community 

This workshop will specifically look at the history of anti-Black racism in Ontario’s school system. It will provide an overview of education during enslavement, segregation in Canada and issues such as: streaming, low teacher expectations, high push-out rates and disengaging Eurocentric curriculum. Participants will learn about Black educational activism including the work of: hidey school teachers, Lennox Farrel, Marlene Green, Anyika Tafari, Monday Gala, Donna Harrow and others. Parents will discuss opportunities to support their children to confront anti-Black racism as a school.